Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker One of the Best portable ice maker

Frigidaire countertop ice maker is a good ice maker machine. It can make about 26 lbs. of IceIce in 24 hours. This portable ice maker features a portable design that allows you to transfer from one place to another. Its high-efficiency compressor provides low (38 DB )noise operation only so that you can make IceIce quietly. With this machine, you will make your life happy and hilarious. Apart from this, your living standard will improve so that you will impress your friends and guests. So, do not compromise with this machine. Get it as early as you can.

Emerson Portable Ice Maker is a boon for your sunny and sultry days. During sultry days, you have a liking for chilly cold water. This is the machine that can provide you ice cubicles just within the shortest possible time. On the contrary, if you do not have this machine, then naturally, you will need to buy ice in the market, and for that, you will take a lot of time. Thus, this machine provides your respite in the minimum possible time.

Emerson Portable Ice Maker makes 26 lbs of ice in just 24 hours. Thus, you can enjoy lots of ice within some time. 

Key Features

  • Compressor Cooling 
  • Ice In Less Than 6 Minutes 
  •  Large See-Through Window For Process Monitoring & Ice Level Checking 
  • Power: 200w, 
  • Noise: Less Than 38 Db, 
  • Ice: Capacity Of The Basket: 1.2 Kgs 
  • 2 Ice Sizes To ice Cube
  • For Easy Operation
  • A High-Efficiency Compressor 
  • Slim design 
  • Item Weighs 19 Pounds 
  • 26 Pounds Of Ice In 24 Hours. 
  • Size: 15 X 11 X 14.5 Inches 

Simple to Use

frigidaire countertop ice maker

Emerson Portable Ice Maker is very simple and easy to use. You need not take any training for its operation and installation. This machine is portable and compact, so you can easily manage it. Even the kids can easily run this machine.

Portable and compact

Due to the compact and portable size of Emerson Portable Ice Maker, it can be easily carried from one place to another. If you plan for any outdoor activities such as a picnic or any barbecue, you can easily carry it with you. Because of its compactness, its maintenance is also easy. if you clean this machine regularly, its will give it a long life,


This one of the best ice maker available in the market for your domestic use. To gain more information about this machine, you can refer to many portable ice maker reviews. These reviews will furnish you with all the required information which you need about this portable machine. Usage and applications of this machine are very easy. You do not need to call an expert for its installation or operation. It is safe, and you can store it in any corner of your house. However, please do not allow any kids to loiter around this machine as they can cause any damage to this machine. But many people think that a frigidaire ice maker makes ice but won’t dispense. It’s not true.

  • Value for money
  • Power efficiency
  • Its take 6 min to make Ice
  • No Noise
  • Small Size problem for big family’s
  • 8 ice cubes every 8-10 minutes

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